Pythiad: The HXRO We Need — On Mainnet

HXRO Network: Composable Derivatives will Save the World

Let’s start off easy. What is Hxro Network?

What’s the founding story behind Hxro? How have your backgrounds in TradFi helped in building DeFi primitives?

Congratulations on launching your alpha! Your derivatives marketplace is now on Solana, providing a key derivatives infrastructure layer. What does this unlock?

Pyth network is about bridging the worlds of TradFi and DeFi. What are your views on the role traditional finance will play in the development of decentralized finance?

Tell us more about Dexterity (the framework for trading instruments with defined payoffs) and Spandex (your customized derivatives risk engine). What prompted their creation? What is their place within a large ecosystem of protocols and institutional players?

The map of primitives across the HXRO network can be overwhelming! Market protocols (derivatives, parimutuel), liquidity protocols (SAMM, THEO), Dexterity, and Spandex, and HXRO token and governance. Do you have any helpful frameworks for the community to digest everything?

What should your community look forward to next?

Any final words for your community and the reader?



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Pyth Network

Smarter data for smarter contracts. Pyth is designed to bring real-world data on-chain on a sub-second timescale.