Pythiad: Jet Protocol — The Second Leg of the Journey

Jet Protocol Takes Flight for the Second Leg of the Journey Towards Better Decentralized Borrow-Lending

1. Let’s start off easy. What is Jet Protocol?

2. What’s the founding story behind the Jet team? Why did you choose to build a borrow-lending protocol?

3. Jet has been in the ecosystem since the beginning. You’ve seen a lot of Solana’s history! What has surprised you the most? What are your thoughts on where Solana is headed now?

4. You’re bringing people with TradFi background into DeFi. How has your past experience helped? What do you see that maybe some blockchain natives miss?

5. Composability is an ongoing topic of DeFi! Who can compose with Jet? What are you most excited for in terms of compositions?

6. Jet V2 Beta is coming! What will be new with V2?

7. How else can the Jet community get involved? What should they look forward to next?

8. Any final words for our readers and the ecosystem?



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