Pythiad: Cega is Here to Go Even Faster

Gotta Go Fast! Or Slow. Whatever Your Risk-Return Profile, Cega Has You Covered

Let’s start off easy. What is Cega?

Who is Cega? What is your team setting off to solve?

  • Arisa (@arisatoyo)
  • Winston (@zhangwins)
  • Victor (@vizhang)
  • Felicia (@feliciacx0)

What are these Cega fixed coupon notes we’ve been hearing about?

  • Underlying: BTC-ETH
  • Price Protection: 90% protected
  • Quoted APY: 10.47%
  • Underlying: BTC-ETH-SOL
  • Price Protection: 90% protected
  • Quoted APY: 10.75%
  • Underlying: BTC-ETH-SOL
  • Price Protection: 50% protected
  • Quoted APY: 109.1%
  • Underlying: ETH-SOL-AVAX
  • Price Protection: 50% protected
  • Quoted APY: 146.62%
  • Requirements: hold 1 or more NFTs for access
  • Underlying: SRM-ORCA-SBR
  • Price Protection: 50% protected
  • Quoted APY: 353.59%
  • Requirements: hold 5 or more NFTs for access

It’s only been one month since mainnet launch! How was that experience? What should we check out?

  • Head over to and check out the below:(A) FCN vaults: take a look across vault products and consider which risk/reward profile matches your needs as an investor. All vaults take USDC deposits because this increases yield transparency for users.
  • (B) Exclusive vaults for NFT holders: do you see a few vaults that are greyed out? Those are vaults that only NFT holders can access. Head to Magic Eden, grab a Cega NFT, and refresh the app to be able to deposit.
  • (C) Cega knowledge library aka Docs: check out our documentation where we cover the ins-and-outs of exotic options, fixed coupon notes, and more on Cega.

You’re a DeFi protocol, but you have an NFT? Can you tell us more about that?

  • Token airdrop boost for CSS holders who use Cega
  • Access the highest APY vault on mainnet launch day (CSS holders only)
  • First access to new product releases and limited trading strategies
  • Beta access to R&D opportunities and user research
  • Membership to the #1 community for exotic options experts and fans
  • Sick CSS swag and merch drops
  • Tickets to protocol live & digital events…and more!

Why the name Cega? And the egg emojis? And what are your favorite way to eat an egg? (Since you asked us in our last Twitter Space…)

Cega is leading the exotic derivative market in DeFi! How does Cega expect the field to continue to grow?

Any final words for our readers?



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