Pyth Data Supports the US 30

We are thrilled to announce that the has extended support for 29 US equities and is now offering to all for free 39 live equity price feeds: a first in the world!

The Pyth network was built around the tenet to bring previously inaccessible financial market data to DeFi applications and the general public to empower anyone to participate and contribute to the future of finance.

It has now been over a year since the Pyth network is live () and has been powering Solana DeFi. From a handful of publishers and consumers, the network now gathers over 75 first-party data providers, secured close to $2B for its users, and enabled over $30B in trading volume. It also recently expanded to five new chains: , , , , and , thanks to the interoperability protocol: .

Today marks an important milestone as about 30 of the biggest US equities are added to the network and are available to anyone. Pyth now supports, for free, — a first in the world — with many more to come.

These new price feeds are available on the newly launched app chain called Pythnet, which delivers prices to other blockchains via the . To learn more about Pythnet, check out the .

Similarly, if you are looking to leverage these price feeds, read the .

As the Pyth network reshapes how market data is sourced, aggregated, and distributed to maximize value for all involved participants, we are proud to already see amazing applications decided for the best: being .

empowers traders with a “front page view” of financial markets by providing directional information on daily market movements, volatility, and major trades, all within a sophisticated yet intuitive user experience. By incorporating Pyth feeds directly onto the platform, users will now have the ability to easily compare live exchange pricing with first-party data sources that comprise the sophisticated Pyth aggregate price.

“More companies with real-time prices provided by Pyth is something we are so proud to be associated with. Again, this is helping the end user with an understanding of the market. And it starts with data,” said Saad Hussain, founder and CEO at Vesica Technologies.

is the leading open-source investment research platform. Through its open core, developers from all over the globe contribute to the project, with the goal being to democratize investment research. OpenBB doesn’t only aggregate any asset class (e.g., stocks, ETF, forex, crypto, futures, etc.), but it provides advanced machine learning features on top to make sense of this data. By leveraging the Pyth price feeds, the OpenBB terminal can provide live pricing (equities, stock, metals, foreign currencies, and crypto assets) access to its users.

“We love working with data sources. Our goal is not to own the data ourselves but to build a platform that enables data sources to share their data with millions of users. This is why our platform is open source,” said Didier Lopes, Co-Founder, and CEO of OpenBB. “Pyth allows us to go one step further and provide live price data, which is something that our users have asked us several times, and only now we can. I’m personally very excited about this since one of our values is transparency, and Pyth is fighting for that in the financial markets.”

The network could not be where it is now without the significant contributions from its amazing roster of (first-party) . More than 75 of the world’s leading financial actors (exchanges, traders, financial service providers…) have come on board to create a better and more accessible system for all.

Bringing the solid tradition of technology-driven quantitative trading from the equity, futures, and options markets to crypto, is a leading liquidity provider and innovator in the space.

“Radkl is excited to be a part of the innovation occurring in DeFi and seeing the new products and opportunities that entrepreneurs are able to create with building blocks like Pyth,” said Ryan Sheftel, CEO of Radkl.

If you’d like to learn more about the publishers and why they joined the Pyth network, look for our series of conversations with , , and .

This is an exciting milestone for the Pythians, but it is merely the start of our journey to reshape how financial data is sourced, aggregated, and distributed. We look forward to continuing to contribute to building the future of finance with all of you. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come.

We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can join the Pyth and , follow us on and be the first to hear about what’s new in the Pyth ecosystem through our . You can also .



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