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4 min readMar 21, 2023


We’re delighted to announce that Pyth Price Feeds are now integrated into TradingView, the leading charting platform and social network trusted by 50M+ traders and investors worldwide! Starting today, anyone using TradingView can now access Pyth historical and live price data from the TradingView website, as well from their off-chain API.

“We’re excited to bring Pyth to the TradingView ecosystem and give our global customers access to their high fidelity on-chain data as well as derivative instruments for global markets,” said Pierce Crosby, General Manager at TradingView. “We have been watching the Pyth contributor ecosystem grow for some time, with major traditional finance firms and native crypto networks adding datasets. The scale of the data is tremendous, and we see that it makes sense to share these contributions to the larger investor universe.”

“The addition of Pyth data to TradingView, the number one platform for charting financial data with over 50 million users, is a major success for the network and will further empower existing and prospective users of Pyth data”, said Mike Cahill, a Director of the Pyth Data Association. “Not only this integration will increase the reach of the Pyth price feeds to the world, but this will enable any #PoweredByPyth applications to quickly super-charge its user interface with the TradingView plugin.”

Pyth on TradingView — Empowering Builders

TradingView can now display Pyth data to users from the off-chain API and website: all Pyth prices originate from Pythnet and are retrieved from the Pyth Data Association database following the TradingView specifications.

This exciting integration opens the doors for developers to tap into Pyth data from the TradingView plugin and supercharge the visual interface of their platform!

With this simple endpoint (following the standard TradingView specifications), you can now build a historical chart for more than 200 Pyth-supported markets in just a few minutes.

Pyth on TradingView — Empowering Traders

As of today, anyone can access the 200+ Pyth historical price data from TradingView!

To find Pyth Price Feeds on TradingView, you can open the search bar and filter for Crypto while searching for “Pyth” as the source. The interface will show you a shortlist of markets ranked on usage within TradingView.

As you use Pyth prices more frequently on TradingView, you’ll be able to find them without filtering!


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The Pyth network is a first-party financial oracle network designed to publish continuous real-world data on-chain in a tamper-resistant, decentralized, and self-sustainable environment.

The network incentivizes market participants — exchanges, market makers, and financial services providers — to share directly on-chain the price data collected as part of their existing operations. The network continuously aggregates this first-party price data and makes it available to either on- or off-chain applications through a price service API. Users of Pyth Data can then permissionlessly update the prices on-chain whenever needed.

In less than a year, the network secured more than $2.0B in total value. Pyth has supported more than $35B in total trading volume, with over 750K client downloads from passionate developers looking to use Pyth data.

Pyth currently supports 200+ price feeds across crypto, equities, FX, and commodities, with multiple price updates per second. Upcoming feeds include additional ERC tokens.

More details are available on our website, whitepaper, docs, and wiki.

What’s next?

We look forward to building the future of finance together! Check out the resources below to get started. If you have any questions, please reach out.


We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and be the first to hear about what’s new in the Pyth ecosystem through our newsletter. You can also learn more about Pyth here.



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