New Pyth Data Provider: QCP Capital

We are thrilled to welcome , a full-suite crypto asset trading firm, to the Pyth network. QCP will initially contribute its proprietary live market data for digital assets and may later expand to options-related data as the network scales.

Who is QCP?

  • Founded in 2017, QCP Capital is a full-suite crypto trading firm that bridges institutional and crypto ecosystems. It provides 24/7 trading services to both high net-worth individuals and institutional clients and is one of the largest derivative market makers globally.
  • Pioneers in crypto options and derivatives, the firm currently runs a $2 billion global book. QCP Capital is also a specialist in Asian local markets, particularly Southeast Asia, where the firm has a 60-strong team strategically based in Singapore.
  • In 2021, QCP was involved (with B2C2) in the first-ever crypto-related transaction of a non-deliverable forward (DNF) — a type of financial contract that is common in foreign-exchange markets.

“As the world of personal finance and investments rapidly moves into DeFi, oracles are a fundamental building block that the space will lean on to scale and evolve. The ecosystem must get this right. We’ve witnessed firsthand how critical oracles are to DeFi innovations in money markets and options. Pyth is an effective and reliable institutional solution that is required to build trust for DeFi protocols. We will do our best to support the network. ” — Darius Sit, CIO (QCP Capital)

We look forward to further coordinating with many amazing partners to establish a digital marketplace of institutional grade, high-fidelity financial data, and power any financial dApps regardless of their blockchain base. If you are willing to contribute proprietary information for the betterment of DeFi and the whole financial market data industry, you can apply to become a Pyth publisher . Discover all other Pyth network data publishers on our .

QCP Capital Website:

Pyth Network:


We can’t wait to hear what you think! Feel free to join the Pyth server. Follow Pyth on . Join our channel or the to learn more, and send us any questions you may have. More information is available at the .



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