New Pyth Data Provider: Geneva Trading

We are thrilled to welcome Geneva Trading, a global principal trading firm, within the Pyth network

Geneva will be contributing its first-party FX data onto the oracle, with plans to scale into additional asset classes as the network further develops.

Who is Geneva Trading?

  • Geneva Trading is a leading principal trading firm with a history of consistent success in the derivatives markets. Founded in 1999, the firm fosters an environment of innovation, entrepreneurship, and a disciplined approach to trading and investing.
  • With offices in Chicago and Dublin, the firm prides itself in having core foundational pillars of main businesses in trading, market-making, and risk management.

Rob Creamer, Geneva Trading’s CEO, said, “There is an enormous market opportunity for DeFi networks, and we are eager to support innovators like Pyth and its growing community of data publishers.”

We look forward to further coordinating with amazing partners to establish a digital marketplace of institutional grade, high fidelity financial data to power any financial dApps regardless of their blockchain base and offer the best data to the world.

Geneva Trading Website:

Pyth Network:

We cannot wait to hear what you think! Feel free to join us on the Pyth Discord server, follow Pyth on Twitter, and Telegram to learn more, and ask any questions you may have.

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