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2 min readSep 28, 2022

We are stoked to welcome Flowdesk, a globally-based financial technology company, to the Pyth network. Flowdesk will contribute its proprietary market data for crypto assets to the network.

Who is Flowdesk?

  • Founded in 2020, Flowdesk combines significant experience from traditional markets with acute knowledge of algorithmic trading and crypto.
  • Flowdesk provides a wide range of digital asset services, such as market-making, custody, brokerage, and treasury management.
  • Flowdesk is made by unique individuals who are technologists, innovation-driven, and convinced by the positive impacts crypto will have on the world.

Guilhem Chaumont, CEO of Flowdesk, stated, “As a crypto-financial technology provider, Flowdesk is committed to keeping up with the latest technological developments in DeFi. We are willing to push crypto-financial products and web3 adoption to the next level. Creating a consortium on real-time on-chain market data is a mandatory step to build the decentralized calculation agent required by crypto derivatives, and we are looking forward to participating in this great project.”

Stephen Kaminsky, Special Projects at Jump Crypto, one of the firms helping support Pyth, also commented, “Flowdesk has established itself as a top player in trading infrastructure, particularly for crypto, which makes them a fantastic partner for Pyth, a project we believe to be at the core of DeFi infrastructure going forward.”

We look forward to further joining forces with more amazing partners to build the digital data marketplace we all need — a marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data made accessible for any application on any blockchain.

Do you own proprietary and valuable data? You can apply to become a Pyth publisher here. Discover all other Pyth network data publishers on our website.

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