New Pyth Data Provider: ChilizX

We are excited to welcome , the world’s first tokenized sports exchange created for the ecosystem and , to the network. ChilizX will contribute its exchange market data for Fan Tokens directly to Pyth.

What is Chiliz?

  • Chiliz is a currency option for blockchain-backed products & services geared toward mainstream consumers.
  • Chiliz developed the sports fan engagement platform, which is built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure and uses $CHZ as its exclusive on-platform currency.
  • allows fans to purchase branded Fan Tokens from some of the biggest and most renowned sports teams in the world, including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Atlético de Madrid, OG, CAI & UFC.
  • Fan Tokens bought on allow users to influence their teams via popular vote and become eligible for engagement-based team rewards and recognition.

Joe Grech, Head of Crypto at Chiliz, said: “We are incredibly excited to partner with the Pyth Network to integrate with ChilizX, to deliver a decentralized, cross-chain market of verifiable data for Fan Tokens.”

“The Pyth network provides real-time and reliable price data by onboarding market participants such as exchanges, and we are thrilled to see Chiliz, the world’s leading blockchain fintech provider for sports & entertainment, joining the Pyth network,” said Mike Cahill, a director of the Pyth Data Association. “As Fan Tokens expand in number and adoption, onboarding Chiliz’s own exchange: ChilizX, to contribute market data to Pyth will bolster its coverage.”

Soon, Chiliz will also launch its mainnet for CC2, the new layer-1 blockchain for sports and entertainment. Chiliz will host its existing network of Fan Token partners on the new chain and will invite more leading brands from sports and entertainment to build for Web3.

We look forward to further joining forces with more amazing partners to build the digital data marketplace we all need — a marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data made accessible for any application on any blockchain.

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