This blog aims to introduce the symbology updates the Pyth network will implement by the 3rd February 2022 on Solana mainnet. Those changes are already deployed on Solana testnet and devnet. Be sure to fully review the upcoming changes in the Pyth code to determine how this will impact your…

Pyth is a first-of-its-kind data oracle network that introduces a new design to maximize access to information in a safe way on-chain that strips out middlemen costs. This design enables maximum scalability and growth of on-chain financial market data with exciting potential for off-chain as well.

How is Pyth different…

We are thrilled to welcome Talos, a leading institutional technology provider for digital asset trading, within the Pyth network to provide trusted and verifiable market data to decentralized applications.

Who is Talos?

  • Talos is a leading institutional-grade infrastructure technology provider that supports the full lifecycle of digital asset trading, from…

We are pleased to welcome CDAP, a technology-forward digital asset trading firm, within the Pyth network in order to establish a digital marketplace of institutional grade, high fidelity financial data, and power any financial dApp regardless of its blockchain.

Who is CDAP?

  • CDAP a technology-forward digital asset trading firm. Headquartered…

Pyth Network

Smarter data for smarter contracts. Pyth is designed to bring real-world data on-chain on a sub-second timescale.

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