We are excited to have Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., a pre-eminent global provider of digital assets and cryptocurrency financial services for institutions, joining the Pyth network in order to drive the institutionalization of DeFi!

Who is Galaxy Digital?

Between 12:21 and 12:23 UTC on Monday, Sep. 20, 2021, the Pyth BTC/USD aggregate price had several sharp dips below $40000 reaching as low as $5402 and the confidence intervals became extremely wide. Here is a graph of the Pyth BTC/USD price series for the time period in question, plus two minutes on either side:

Several Solana programs relying on Pyth prices were impacted by this incident. The impact was exacerbated due to some programs relying on the aggregate price feed without using the confidence, which allowed liquidations to occur even though the published price was highly uncertain.

Root Cause

The issue…

We are proud to welcome Amber Group, a leading global crypto trading and technology firm, to the Pyth network in order to make markets more accessible and transparent for trading participants!

Who is Amber Group?

We are proud to welcome DV Chain, an over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform offering deep liquidity and cutting-edge technology to institutional clients, professional traders, and exchanges, to the Pyth network in the shared mission to transform and democratize the distribution of market data.

Who is DV Chain?

We are thrilled to welcome Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running exchange, to the Pyth network in order to revolutionize how financial market data is collected and distributed!

Who is Bitstamp?

Proven Track Record:

We are thrilled to welcome Jane Street, a premier and dynamic market-making firm, to Pyth Network in order to rewire the current financial infrastructure in a way that is not only faster and more cost-efficient but also fully transparent and making it available to the masses!

Who is Jane Street?

Welcome to the New Age!

The Pyth network is beyond excited to let you know that we have officially released our protocol to the Solana mainnet.

Only 140 days after our Hello World moment, we are finally making our 1st party HiFi data — directly sourced from some of the biggest players in the financial world — open for usage and available to builders looking to create the dApps that will power the future of finance.

We are thrilled to welcome SIG DT Investments, a Susquehanna International Group company, joining the Pyth network to help continue the growth of DeFi by providing low latency and accurate price feeds!

Who is SIG DT Investments / Susquehanna International Group ?

We are excited to announce that Hudson River Trading, a leading quantitative trading firm with an established presence in global financial and cryptocurrency markets, is joining the Pyth Network to leverage the power of decentralized finance and build something that can transform our financial markets!

Who is Hudson River Trading (HRT)?


Community made visual part of the Pythiad Expo

Welcome to the second installment of the Pythiad, the official Pyth network newsletter!

For those who missed Pythiad #1, you can check it out here. We covered just about the entire history of the Pyth network, from our ‘hello world’ moment to our recent parade of data providers and integration partners.

To our followers, we say thank you again for all your support, feedback, and positivity! And to our newcomers, we say welcome.

We’re delighted to have you on board. As always, there’s much to discuss.

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